The question is Phishing or Hacked?

28 Jan

Somebody tried to hack the account?

I haven’t been here for awhile.

So little going on out of the work rut.

Inside A lot !

25 Jun

Hobby Lobby

28 Jan

Quilt piecing and appliqué. Trying to figure a quilting design..

Gonna perhaps have to use more triangles, fewer squares and ….


What a way to spend a Saturday night!

Missed a few days

9 Dec

…of r@mblin. At least on paper cuz.. gee guess it was last Thursday I went for long walk. Found new coffee shop and taco stand. A bank in container building and point and click for a couple of photos.

Swam Friday night after work.

Same old routine

June 22 2021

Missed a lot more days. At least out n about a little more. Fully vaccinated after the COVID pandemic. Still working from home and doing some sewing.

Feeling lazy after not going to the Y since before the Thanksgiving holiday. Hard to get back into the routine? A COVID hangover!

Finished a quilt about the 18th of June.

Too many deaths in the last 8-9 months plus the ones that had happened and hadn’t heard about (2). People grow apart, moving to different states. Step father, sons father, cousins and friends. About 9 people . Seems an awful lot and it’s not over yet.

New babies this year and children turning two and four. plus..

A Date

5 Dec

…..with a sewing needle.

Working on a quilt.

I’ve read a couple of blogs the last few days. Perused the titles of more. Perhaps I come across as too shallow..? Up later than usual ..better make this short. Sleep is welcome, very much in demand usually getting the short end of the stick. Off tomorrow/today. Still more accustomed to old graveyard shift in some ways. Rather sleep nights and stay up late nights too…?

Just didn’t feel like goin…

3 Dec

To the Y to swim. Was gonna go walk but phone was totally down, no power to listen to music during that mile of round n round. So went home…long day at work. People drivin me like Alice Cooper sang ..nervous.. Now, the phone is charging everything is not copacetic but..I am not sitting, only standing. Should have gone!! Gassed the car, need to get it fixed. Annoying rattle, worse than at first when it was the heat shield loose after the hit and run attacker. Expenses!!! Never ending costs…call mom, listen to her troubles and feel that mine are so much more insignificant after. Shoulda been born with pockets full of cash instead they seem only deeper for debt. Really it is time to trade the car but that’s another payment…This would not make for a good book…

‘‘Tis the time…

3 Dec

If I think about writing, I usually have a minute or two. Like now, only because I haven’t finished putting together the foodstuff for the morning commute. … Arrival to workplace with the lunch bucket in hand. Time to get an extra hour of sleep. That means 5 hours. Finish the bucket rut in the AM. Somewhat a boring existence except that I swam with the rubber duckies at the Y. Usually nobody tosses in the little duckies ..thank the lifeguard gave me some toys that way something more to think about than rowing motions…started out having the pool to myself . Three or four other folks in sauna or jacuzzi. .. got my 30 minute swim in….gotta sleep now.

Could Start Pouring

2 Dec

…my heart out…

a passion for the idea of writing . Difficult to think about it too long if all is going to disappear in a techie, cybertheft walk in and steal it campaign. Lots of thought, fingers to the grindstone..

maybe.. tomorrow. Yeah, I know..don’t put off…but, I got lots of irons in the fire sometimes .
work is one of them.